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How To Buy A Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

If you are on a tight budget or just want to get the best vacuum cleaner for your money, you need to put in a bit more effort to find the top rated vacuum cleaners that are available within your price range. So if you are looking to spend $100, $200 or $500, make sure you read customer reviews and look at the customer ratings to determine that you are getting the best for your money.

Think about how often you use your vacuum, and what you use it for. if you have pets consider if you need a vacuum thats designed to be especially good at dealing with pet hair. Even if you are looking to quickly replace an old or broken down model, you still want to ensure that the vacuum cleaner you buy is up to the task.

If you just want a cheap vacuum that works there is plenty of choice of vacuum cleaners under $100 and even vacuum cleaners under $50 that will still do a good job. The downside to cheaper vacuums is that they may have loud motors, the suction may not be as great. Or they may not be that well sealed so you may find that after vacuum you have a lot of dust as they vacuum is picking it up, but its also blowing much of the finer particles back around the room. This is especially a concern if you have an allergy sufferer in your home, but if you dont this might not be such a problem, but you may find yourself having to vacuum more to keep your home as clean with some of the cheaper models.

Of course there are different types of vacuums from the upright vacuum cleaner which tends to be the workhorse especially if you have large rooms with lots of carpets. Canister vacuum cleaners are great too, especially as they have long wands and extensions so are good for dealing with under furniture and beds or tackling stairs, which can sometime be difficult for cheaper uprights.

Sometime a simple solution to stairs is a portable or cordles handheld vacuum. The dowside to these is they often dont have as much suction as other vacuums, and cordless models tend to only have a limited runtime before the battery dies and they need rechargeing again. But they are versatile in that you can take them almost anywhere so are good as a secondary vacuum for quick cleanups.

Stick vacuums that can deal with carpets and bare floors are becoming more popular. The cheaper models arent particularly powerful, but they often come at very good prices so this is one alternative solution if you are looking for an inexpensive vacuum cleaner or maybe a cheap second vacuum for quick cleanups.

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